DogeminerX -The Best mining Ðogecoin Oficial ÐOGE '

Ðogeminerx The Best Dogecoin Mining Pool Oficial (DOGE)

Set up your account, start earning coins from our Dogecoin (DOGE) mining pool service in the cloud! We do not form a cumulative «bubble», for example, as the same HYIPs and pyramids. The stable profitability of our system is guaranteed and achieved through massive cash interventions based on the technologies of using and applying high-quality Trading, which allows us to additionally support a common fund of deductions for our users.



Đ 13400000.49489280

Reserver project
Đ 19837800.00000000
Total Deposits
Đ 1742997.60651636
Total Withdraw


Find your Mining Plan

Dear Friends, we glad to introduce you the innovative system, That system is the result of 1 year analysis of the project! This functional let the project works without limits, and other ugly things and will let the website works 10 years more in same condition! Now payouts are not limited! Dogeminerx is open now for you! Your deposit let you withdraw Dogecoins unlimited. Upgrade Ultimate DX and you can be sure that they will say with you forever.

DX Nano

  • Speed 1 H/s
  • 0.00017000 Đ per minute
  • 0.24480000 Đ per day

DX Mini

  • Speed 10 H/s
  • 0.00735417 Đ per minute
  • 10.59000000 Đ per day

DX Small

  • Speed 100 H/s
  • 0.01736222 Đ per minute
  • 25.16000000 Đ per day

DX Medium

  • Speed 500 H/s
  • 0.05208333 Đ per minute
  • 75.00000000 Đ per day

DX Large

  • Speed 10000 H/s
  • 0.22395833 Đ per minute
  • 322.50000000 Đ per day

DX Ultimate

  • Speed 25000 H/s
  • 0.60208333 Đ per minute
  • 867.00000000 Đ per day

DX -UltimateX Pro

  • Speed 50000 H/s
  • 1.77083333 Đ per minute
  • 2550.00000000 Đ per day
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